July Chamber Chit Chat

In the last few months the Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce has been working with area business owners to look deeply at economic recovery in our community. Those of us involved in the task had the opportunity to really look at every aspect of not only how our community functions, but also how the Chamber can support and be a catalyst for growth. Through the process it was interesting to see and hear the passion people had for our county. The excitement they had over the deep history, to the support they receive from each other. The foundation of it all was really we have some amazing people, businesses, and natural resources but how do we ensure we make it through whatever comes our way?


Over the next few months to years we will be focusing on deepening our relationships with all our businesses across Mills, developing ways for you as the residents of Mills County to know what each business has to offer, and create a focus on tourism. None of these action items will be easy, quick or simple. Community work never is. But I think that is my favorite part of community work, I never actually know where it will end up, because it never is about me and what I want.  It is always about what is best for our County. If working to make a difference in your community is something that you are passionate about, or you are looking for a way to step into something, give us a call at the Chamber. We would love to chat about the details of what we are working on and how we can work together.