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Jul 29, 2020

Local Job Postings:

Sovereign Martial Arts is hiring – Our faithful assistant Kari is moving on to college at the end of next month! That means that we…

Jul 26, 2021

July Chit Chat

Does anyone remember the Bruce Springsteen song, “My Hometown”? Well in the song there are particular lyrics that hits home: “Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows…

Jun 8, 2021

June Chit Chat

Referral marketing allows your loyal customers to “sell” for you by referring others to your business. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, getting helpful reviews and referrals…

May 5, 2021

May Chit Chat

Chamber Chit Chat ~ Recently we have been hearing from our local businesses about the difficulties they are facing in terms of employment. Many businesses across…

Apr 7, 2021

April Chit Chat

April Chit Chat ~ One thing that is always exciting is when we have businesses decide to join the Chamber of Commerce. It is easy to…

Mar 1, 2021

March Chit Chat

Last week we hosted our annual board retreat. This is a time once a year that we dedicate a day to really dive into our…

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