Membership Audit – Please Choose the Most Important Statement for YOUR Business

We are offering a Membership Audit where we go over how you’ve used your membership in the past, and how you can maximize your membership on a personal level for your business.

We want to make sure you use your membership to the fullest!

Please email Rachel at to schedule yours today!

Maximize YOUR Membership Video:


What is something that you are wanting to see happen in Mills County? Do you own a business and want to make an impact?  Do you work for a business and are looking for new opportunities to hone your leadership skills? I think it is safe to say we all have ideas of ways we can impact and improve our business community. 


We are excited to share that we want to create more ownership of the Chamber of Commerce by launching four committees. These are ways for each member business and their employees to start to create an impact on the Mills County Business Community.   


Are you passionate and interested in State and Local Government? Well maybe our Government Affairs committee is the place for you. This committee will be monitoring  and facilitating discussion related to local, state and federal government impacts that may affect the business community of Mills County, responding to concerns expressed by local businesses, considering input from Chamber members and affected stakeholders. This includes our Legislative Forums, connections to our local towns and their city councils, Meet and Greets with federal officials.   


Maybe you are passionate about people shopping local or tourism.  Our Market Mills County Committee would be the place for you. This Committee works to promote the business and activities that Mills County has to offer! Items that this committee looks at are, creating “Make Mills County Memory”  itineraries, implementing our shop local campaigns, and looking at more ways to encourage people to play and stay in Mills County!  


Do you want to help businesses grow and see sustainability in the programming we offer? Support the growth of businesses by developing and implementing the Chamber’s member programs, such as our Topics at Twelve, Leadership Mills County and more.  Focusing on the mission of building value for our members. From researching and recommending programs, they act as a sounding board for the Chamber’s leadership, and offer an avenue for members’ feedback. 


Or maybe you want to see events happening in our County. The Events  Committee actively participates in the creation, strategy and implementation of  Chamber events. The Committee will evaluate chamber events, as well as work to connect members to those events.  


The Chamber is not Tana and I. We are representatives. The Chamber is each and every business in our County.  Let’s continue to grow a vibrant and thriving business community. 

 Please contact Rachel or Tana, to let us know which committee you would like to be a part of! 


Events in April 

Business and Brews: April 7th at 5:30pm at the Glenwood Golf Course.

Maximize YOUR Membership: April 14th at 10am via zoom.

Business and Brews: April 21st at 9:30am at Mills County Extension office in Malvern.

Topics at Twelve: April 28th at Glenwood City Hall, Mark Ford- Creating a Lifelong Customer.