July Chit Chat

Does anyone remember the Bruce Springsteen song, “My Hometown”? Well in the song there are particular lyrics that hits home:

“Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows and vacant stores

Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more

They’re closing down the textile mills across the railroad tracks

Foreman says these jobs are going boys and they ain’t coming back”

This scenario is one that the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce and many other Chambers work hard to help avoid. Each day the Chamber supports existing businesses to stay open, meet goals and grow their reach. They also help new ones become established. This is one of the most valuable reasons to join the Chamber.

When you become a member, you help make a difference in your community. You help support ongoing community development efforts. There are also ways that you can help make even more of a difference through the Chamber.

  • Become a business mentor. You can help an individual on their career path or guide the efforts of a start-up or new business.
  • Have a say in the community development issues that each of the towns in Mills County face. Whether your town has a potential pro-business measure on the agenda, you can voice your support with the power of the Chamber behind you, which in many cases creates a stronger position than just going alone.
  • You are supporting programming that is helping the business community become more knowledgeable in things that matter to the success of your business. This includes Lunch and Learns, Topics at Twelve, Leadership Mills County, and Compassionate Leadership
  • Share your knowledge with the business community through the Chamber.
  • Help establish a program of work with the Chamber or a legislative agenda that allows your business concerns and growth desires to be heard.
  • Know that large businesses provide the tax base. Small businesses are what create the community. All businesses provide jobs. Help figure out a way all sizes of businesses can come together in town for mutual benefit.
  • Sit on a committee and explore something interesting to you.
  • Help recruit volunteers for the Chamber causes.
  • Get your employees involved in the community.
  • Get involved with the shop local movement.
  • Speak to students on behalf of the Chamber to instill hometown and county pride in the businesses that serve our community.
  • Contribute your knowledge to the Chamber blog or the newsletter.
  • Participate in the Legislative Forums and meet and greets and make sure they understand the importance of being pro-business in your community.

The Chamber is a way for you to amplify your business, but also is the mechanism for improving the business climate In our County. Each business is what makes up the Chamber. Join us today.

Upcoming events

July 13th 9:30am – Business and Brews @ Mills County Veterans Affairs

July 23rd Application Deadline for Leadership Mills County

July 29th 5:30pm- Business and Brew- Ribbon Cutting for My Fair Closet @ Parea

September 9th 5:30pm- Betterment banquet @ The Fountains Ballroom

October 2nd 5:30pm- Oktoberfest- Chamber Fundraiser @ Keg Creek Brewing Company