Glenwood Community School district with Glenwood State Bank is proud to host “Remembering Our Fallen”

December 3rd – 7 th,this exhibit will be displayed outside the gym in the lower hallway of the Glenwood High School.  This exhibit was created to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Its legacy will be that these men and women will never be forgotten and that their names will be remembered and spoken.  Everyone is welcome to come and visit the display.  Please sign into the office and come anytime.  They will have Bill Williams visit with the students on Thursday, December 6th at 1:30 pm to discuss the display and project.  You are also welcome to attend this presentation.  Check out the website and

They talk to the students all of the time about the positive benefits of giving back.  These fallen soldiers are examples of Iowa men and women that gave everything they had!  Please visit this exhibit and come to the presentation.


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