September Chit Chat

There are many things that a Chamber of Commerce can offer, however, one of the key things that a Chamber offers is opportunities to network. Networking is a key piece to any business, it is a form of marketing, a way to get yourself and your name in front of new people.  The Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce offers multiple opportunities for businesses new and old to connect and offer warm leads and partnerships. This month join us in connecting with people and growing your business.

September 10th:

Join us at Vine Street Cellar at 5:30pm to welcome the new Mills County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Marco Floreani.

September 17th:

Join us at Keg Creek Brewery at 5:30 pm as we celebrate a new business opening up in our town Portside Travel. Portside Travel is a full-service travel agency, that prides it’s self on building the best trip ever with personalized service and attention to detail. Come learn more about makes Portside Travel special and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

September 22nd:

We will be having a morning ribbon cutting at 9 am with Wild Hearts n’ Horses. Wild Hearts n’ Horses is a nonprofit that is creating a place for youth and families to grow into the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Wild Hearts n Horses exists to provide a safe and positive experience for youth and families to learn life skills and gain confidence through horses and the love and hope that is offered through Jesus Christ. They utilize horses to teach youth and adults about communication, trust and so much more.

These are great opportunities to learn more about these businesses but also connect or reconnect with other people in the Mills County Business Community. Join us at any or all, you do not need to be a chamber member to participate.   ~ Rachel