September Chit Chat

Across the Chamber-sphere we hear frequently that joining a membership organization is old or passe. But here at the Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce we think that now more than ever joining together to build a strong and resilient business community is vital to the future of our County. Here are some of the reasons we believe a Chamber is always needed.


The chamber is filled with seasoned professionals who can help you and guide you, once you get to know them. A great way for this to happen is to join us at one of our Business and Brews of Lunch and Learns. These are great avenues to form an informal mentorship relationship with someone in your industry or desired industry.

Backing for Entrepreneurs

If you would like to run your own business someday, it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of, go to for funding (or help you find sources for it), and receive suggestions from someone who has walked that same path. We are here to listen and connect you directly to the people who have been there and done that.


Are you tired of going for interviews and being told you’re lacking leadership experience for the management role you want? If so, then we can help. The chamber has plenty of volunteer opportunities including ambassadorships, committee memberships, task forces, and board roles. Getting involved with us can help you build that resume quickly and introduce you to the people making hiring decisions. We also have a program called Leadership Mills County, that provides a great entry into the workings of Mills County.


You may not give much thought to the advocacy that we do on behalf of businesses in our community, but you would’ve if you owned a business that was shut down because of COVID. We have worked tirelessly during the COVID pandemic to ensure that the voice of business is being heard in regard to things like closings and funding.

Sure, you could send your own letter to your state rep or congressperson but contrary to what your poli sci professor may tell you, one voice is not as powerful as a group like the chamber of commerce, which reflects the concerns and interests of the business community.


Have you considered a new career or industry? We can put you in touch with people that can help make that possible.

Also, any recruiter will tell you there’s something called the hidden job market. That phrase refers to all the jobs that are available that are never published because they are filled before that happens. Positions are often filled by someone who knows someone. We can help you discover these amazing opportunities by allowing you to become someone that someone knows through networking and introductions.

The Chamber is a great investment in your professional development but if you work for someone right now, they may already be a member. You could be receiving these benefits at no cost to you. Contact us today or speak to your employer about membership and how you can start using the benefits immediately. The Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce is here to be the catalyst for a thriving Mills County.