May Chamber Chit Chat

Are you a worrier? Do you mule over all the choices, the obstacles, and the conversations? Given everything that has been going over the last 14 months, I find my brain running through all of the things that have occurred. Mainly trying to figure out the answers to questions like, how do we move forward from not one but two very different disasters in 14 months?  How do we ensure that our businesses, our nonprofits, our community stays vibrant and growing? Now what?

I think our reaction after events like this is to race back to life as normal. Sometimes though we need to let the events change us for the better. As we start to emerge from all of this, we need to look differently at our community. We need to change the way we view the businesses in our community. The local businesses of Mills County are the ones who live here, give back, and shop here.

With that in mind the Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce, and the businesses of Mills County have launched an Economic Recovery Task Force. This task force will look at how to support the businesses. How to support and connect the workforce that lives in Mills County. Build up all the communities. There will also be a subcommittee that focuses on shopping local and tourism. This approach is holistic in nature and meant to address long term and immediate obstacles.  We look forward to sharing more as things unfold. Till then shop local, stay local, love local. —