January Chit Chat

The Glenwood Area Chamber of Commerce looks at everything that we do through the lens of our mission. Our mission is to support and promote a thriving and vibrant business community in Mills County. 2020 made achieving that vision feel daunting, but it also made us look at what we do and how we do and determine did it actually benefit the businesses in Mills County? The result of that you will begin to see throughout this year. We will try new things to see if they work, refocus old projects, and dig in more advocating for a strong and vibrant business community. Everything we try will not be a winner, and some restructure of old projects might not work.  But I think that if there is one thing that I learned in 2020 is that we need to be able to adapt and be willing to fail epically.

Some new things that are on deck for the new year is the launching of our new program that was created by our partners at Capture Kismet.  Capture Kismet is owned and operated by Stephanie Patzer. Her mission is to help women step into their lives fully as themselves. The new program we are working with her on is to help women in Mills County who have gone through Leadership Mills County, to learn more about who they are as a leader and how they can best show up to help lead Mills County forward.

Another item that you will see rolling out at the end of January is a social media campaign called “where are we Wednesday?” Each Wednesday we will be highlighting different businesses in Mills County, that you may or may not know about. There will always be a call to action on these days, whether it’s to like the businesses Facebook page, maybe go check the store out, or write a positive review. We encourage all residents of Mills County to join as we learn more about what each of these amazing businesses have to offer!  We are excited as the year progresses to try new things and build more support for local businesses. We hope that you join us on this journey and maybe discover something new about where you live.