February Chit Chat

When you run your own business, you’re the person deciding on the direction. You’re in control of start dates and marketing promos. You’re the one who must hold yourself back from the shiny object syndrome.
And yet, so many of us fail on that last one and it’s easy to understand why.
Open your social media feeds or search on the internet for business advice and you’ll find dozens of articles that tell what you need to be doing for your business this year– things you need to implement, apps you need to download, widgets needed on your website, and a host of other projects you would be remiss not implement immediately.
And they all sound so wonderful. Things your audience will love, will drive more sales, help you become better known.
But if you take off in hot pursuit of them all, you won’t accomplish any of them.
Yes, there may be many things you need or want to do for your business, but you have a better chance of completing them if you concentrate on 1-3 goals at a time. If you have more than three things you want to institute in your business this year, you can still do them after you complete the first three. Some people have new goals each month, quarter, or every six months.
For us here at the chamber our first quarter goal is to build up our website to provide more information that can directly help you. We are building out a lending library of resources we have available that we can share with you all to help you achieve your goals. You will also see us putting together a consultant list. This will be an easy way to find someone to help you with specific items within your business. The final thing you will see this quarter is a training list. Whether you are looking for training about customer service or how to use Canva to streamline your brand, you will be able to pick and choose and have access to these training sessions for you and your employees.
Some other items that are upcoming:
Legislative Forums: February 5th 10am at Glenwood City Hall
Loving Local: February 7th-11th via online
Business Builders: Retail Businesses February 24th 10am TBD