2020 Kegs and Eggs Partner Application

Application period for 2020 Kegs and Eggs is closed

Event Date: March 14th, 2020

Application Deadline: February 19th, 2020

Application Instructions: Please answer all questions as completely as possible. All items listed are essential to be eligible. Failure to complete application or failure to sign the application will render the application ineligible.

Inquires: If after reading FAQs you still have questions, you may email your questions to Rachel Reis at director@glenwoodia.com.

1. The Organization picked will provide representation on the Kegs and Eggs Committee

2. The Organization will provide ample volunteers for the day of to serve breakfast

3. The Organization will make/provide eggs bakes or other breakfast items for the event.

4. The Chamber will solicit entities for the silent auction

5. The Chamber will provide all marketing materials for the event to be shared.

6. The Chamber will provide cinnamon rolls and other items for the event.

Along with the completion of this application you will need two letters of recommendations:

1. One letter from a person served by your organization

2. One letter from an agency or company that has either collaborated with your organization, or has provided funding to your organization, or has directly benefited from your organizations program.