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Washburn, Rob & Linda

Waste Connections

602 Railroad Ave.
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Waste Connections would like to welcome you as customers, we provide residential, commercial and industrial waste and recycling collection services throughout Southwest Iowa. Office location in Glenwood is located at 602 Railroad Avenue and our customer service representatives can be reached at 712-256-2288 or 712-527-5910. We provide a consistent and reliable waste and recycling collection service to you, the customer. + Read more

Weber Dental

Dr. George Weber
208 North Walnut Street
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Welcome Newcomers Mills County

Anne Smith

Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Hi! I am Anne Smith with Welcome Newcomers Mills County. As a new homeowner in the area, I would love to come see you bringing gifts from area businesses. I am not selling anything. This is a service to welcome you to the area. My visit takes about 30 minutes. Please let me know if we could arrange a time. Thanks. Anne + Read more

Western Iowa Networks

Jeff Roiland
112 East Main Street
Breda, Iowa 51436

Breda Telephone Corp. ~ d.b.a. Western Iowa Networks (WIN) ~ is a leading communications company based in Breda, IA. We are one of western Iowa's largest independent telephone companies, and one of the areas most diverse service providers. WIN was founded in 1905 as Breda Telephone Company and today provides telephone, Internet, cellular, cable, and many complementary services to over 10,000 customers across western and southwestern Iowa including the cities of Arcadia; Auburn; Breda; Carroll; Farragut; Lidderdale; Macedonia; Pacific Junction and Westside. + Read more

Williams, Steve & Kim

Winton, Tony & Sandi

Young Vision Care

Dr. Jacque Young
406 - 1st Street P.O. Box 188
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Young Vision Care is celebrating being 70 years YOUNG! in 2020. The practice was purchased Dr. Elwood "Jack" Young in 1950. In 1983, his daughter, Dr. Jacque Young graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. They practiced together until his retirement in 1990. Young Vision Care provides early diagnostic testing for many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. We have testing that checks the strength and quickness of the nerve signal from the eye into brain, which finds early changes several years sooner than other tests for glaucoma and macular degeneration. We check pigment level of the macula which relates to the potential of macular degeneration. Good nutrition, exercise and supplements, if needed, are discussed to better eye health. With our eyewear, we provide high definition, customized digital lenses for the sharpest vision at a reasonable fee. We advocate the dailies modality for contact lens wear, providing superb vision and superior health benefits. Dr. Dara Latner is now an associate at Young Vision Care. She provides excellent medical and vision care, along with knowledge about computer vision syndrome, complex contact lenses designs and myopia control. Our longtime tag line has been "You WILL see the difference!" You may make an appointment on line at our webisite : or call 712-527-4468. + Read more

Yume Dance Studio

Stephani Hutcheson
502 Sharp Street
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Miss Stephani has more than 25 years of dance education and 15 years of teaching experience! She has toured countries all over the world teaching dance and music to children of all ages and backgrounds. Yume Dance will offer classes, camps, and workshops to allow your child to find a style that is the best fit for them. All of our classes allow your child to learn safe and fun progressions to enhance their technique as well as choreography to be performed at various shows throughout the year. Look at our events page for upcoming workshops! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment, private message, or send us an email at + Read more